Homeschooling Information

So you are considering home schooling as an alternative form of educating your children. This type of education may just be for you, but it may not. The best way to find out is to seek out all of the information you can get on home schooling. Homeschooling is definitely not something to rush into.

However, parents who assume responsibility for homeschooling have found it to be an excellent instructional method. Home education is the fastest growing educational movement in the United States! It is a tutorial method of education in which the parents retain the responsibility for their children’s education.

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Home education is based in the home, but your classroom is the world. The low student-teacher ratio allows students more opportunities to learn firsthand about science, history, government, and art in the real world. Children are educated in museums, libraries, places of business, art centers, the seashore, the mountains, in backyards, in kitchens, and even in cars. Home education is comprehensive. Home education allows students to work at their own pace. Learning is not limited to six hours a day.